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John Cale fans from all over the world came together to celebrate the Maestro's 70th birthday. If you want to join this tribute, send your contribution to contribute@johncaletribute.com

Mr. John Cale, we love your great music you have given to us over the last decades. And we hope you enjoy our little tribute and realise how many people you have inspired. We wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the next 70 years!

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You can find John Cale's official website here: www.john-cale.com

Jane Gilday (USA) “Paris 1919” (Instrumental)

"If John Vale, violist from Wales, circa modern now, had instead been a violinist—well, appalachian fiddler—from west virginia, circa 1923….well then John’s ‘Paris 1919’ mighta sounded something like this…." - Jane Gilday

Posted on Thursday, March 8th 2012